Handmade by Cindi
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Cindi, Owner-Artist
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Byron, Co-Owner
I am so thrilled to have been able to turn my love of crafts into a business and allow others to enjoy my work as well.  We enjoy doing Craft shows wherever we can and opportunity to meet people and assist them with the selections has been very fulfilling.
My husband Byron has jumped right into this venture with me and been extremely helpful and reliable enabling me to do as many craft show as possible.  Without him I could not produce all the products we have nor could I show all the products.  He has been a Godsend to this business and truly a Co-owner in every sense.
Handmade By Cindi...Never imagined this would become a business that I would really enjoy.  
It all started in 2011 with a craft project with our Bird Club.  After that you could say the  business was then created out of LOVE. 
My first Light was created for my son James and his wife Katie and my grandson Camden. I made a beautiful Baby Night Light
The next light I created was also out of love.  My little sister Penny found out her Cancer was back.  So I made her a Cancer Survivor Light and sent it to her. On a sad note, my sister passed away December 31st, 2018.
Everyone commented on these lights and suggested that I put them online and try to sell them.  And, well the rest is history, as they say.  Now I have a great business that is fulfilling my love of crafts, keeping me busy and gives us the opportunity to continue meeting new people and making new friends.